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Dr. Manuel GUTH awarded the ATLAS Thesis Award - 2021 Edition

Manuel Guth now postdoc at DPNC in the group of Tobias Golling received for his PhD thesis, the 2021 ATLAS thesis award (thesis at Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg & Université Paris-Saclay). 

He searched for ttH(bb) production & developed quark flavour tagging with deep learning.

The topic in short:

Search for ttH(bb) Production in the Lepton + Jets Channel and Quark Flavour Tagging with Deep Learning at the ATLAS Experiment

The heavy flavour-tagging, which is an important tool for the majority of ATLAS analyses, was improved by up to a factor two with machine learning techniques originally developed in Geneva.

Further, the ttH(bb) process, important to access the Top-Yukawa coupling, was studied by measuring the inclusive signal strength as well as in different Higgs pT bins.



15 February 2022
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