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The first version of the SFGDreadout board

The first version of the SFGDreadout board arrived in our lab. The new board is a highly complex design done by a collaboration from the LLR (Ecole Polytechnique in France) and the DPNC (Universite de Geneve). The board is capable of reading 256 Silicon PhotoMultipliers using the CITIROC chip in a very compact multilayer design. The electronic card also provides the HV bias voltage and reads the signal from the Silicon PMT's providing a quasi dead-time-free readout in an almost autonomous setup. The boards will be tested by a team from both institutions before launching the full production in September 2022.  


The electronics will read a total of 60 000 optical sensors from the super Fine-Grained Detector (sFGD). The sFGD is a new concept scintillator tracking calorimeter to be installed at the end of 2022 as an active target detector for the ND280 upgrade detector at the T2K experiment. The new detector will allow the collaboration to improve on the description of neutrino-nucleus interactions. The uncertainties in the knowledge of these interactions are one of the limiting factors on the sensitivity of T2K to neutrino oscillations. 

24 January 2022
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