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Professor Federico Sanchez re-elected as International Co-spokesperson of the T2K Experiment

Congratulations to Professor Federico Sanchez from the DPNC (Particle Physics Department) who has been re-elected for a second term as International Co-spokesperson of the International collaboration T2K. 

 T2K (link to is a neutrino experiment designed to investigate how neutrinos change from one flavor to another as they travel (neutrino oscillations). An intense beam of muon neutrinos is generated at the J-PARC nuclear physics site on the East coast of Japan and directed across the country to the Super-Kamiokande neutrino detector in the mountains of western Japan. The beam is measured once before it leaves the J-PARC site, using the near detector ND280, and again at Super-K: the change in the measured intensity and composition of the beam is used to provide information on the properties of neutrinos.

The T2K collaboration published a year ago in Nature the first indication of the violation of the neutrino anti-neutrino symmetry. (link to

More about Professor Federico Sanchez. (link to

23 June 2021
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