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Conference: "Democracy and Human Rights: The Case of Ethiopia"

Democracy and Human Rights: The Case of Ethiopia

Semahagn Gashu Abebe
Bank of Ireland Post-Doctoral Fellow
Irish Center for Human Rights, National University of Ireland, Galway

The University of Geneva, the Scholars at Risk (SAR) Network and Amnesty International co-present a special event on Thursday April 25th at the Université de Genève. Mr. Abebe, an Ethiopian SAR scholar of human rights, will lecture on: “Democracy, Human Rights and the Ethnic Federal System in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Case of Ethiopia”.

With remarks from

Maya Hertig
Director of the Department of Public Law
Université de Genève

Olivier Vincent
Deputy Director of International Relations
Université de Genève

Sinead O’Gorman
European Director
Scholars at Risk Network

25th April 2013 18h15 – 20h00 Room MS160
Université de Genève, Uni Mail
40 bd du Pont d’Arve, Genève

22 avril 2013