Faculty welcomes students from Stanford Law School

The Faculty of Law of the University of Geneva was very pleased to welcome a delegation of twenty students from Stanford Law School (SLS) accompanied by two of their professors during the week of May 16, 2022 as part of the new W.A. Franke Global Law Program launched at SLS.

The delegation, led by Prof. George Triantis and Robert Daines, had the opportunity to interact with several of our faculty members as well as with leading legal practitioners during their visit. The Stanford Law School students participated (among other activities) in a course on "Sustainable investment" given by Prof. Luc Thévenoz (as part of his course on Investment Management Law) and in a session organized by Prof. Christine Chappuis in cooperation with Sandrine Giroud (Vice-Chair of the Geneva Bar) and Jean-René Oettli on the topic "Human Rights Provisions in Supply Contracts". They also participated in a course on sponsoring contracts given by Prof. Jacques de Werra (as part of his course on innominate contracts).

Stanford Law School students also had the opportunity to meet with students from our Faculty in the context of courses given at the Faculty and of other activities, in particular a visit to the Olympic Museum during which a presentation was made on certain legal issues of the Olympic Games by experts from the International Olympic Committee.



January 6, 2022