Research Handbook on Intellectual Property Licensing

Table of Content

  • Foreword
    Chairman and CEO James E. Malackowski, Ocean Tomo, LLC
  • Preface

Part I – Specific intellectual property licensing policies

  • Authors’transfer and license contracts under U.S. copyright law
    Prof. Jane C. Ginsburg, Columbia Law School
  • Copyright licensing: a European view
    Prof. Alain Strowel, Facultés Universitaires St-Louis, Brussels
  • ALI Principles of the Law of Software Contracts: Some Proposals for a Global Software Licensing Policy
    Prof. Robert A. Hillman, Cornell Law School / Prof. Maureen O’Rourke, Boston University
  • Clarifications and complications in enforcing open source software licenses
    Prof. Bob Gomulkiewicz, University of Washington
  • Issues in modern licensing of factual information and databases
    Prof. Raymond T. Nimmer, University of Houston Law Center
  • International patent licensing
    Mark Anderson, Shillingford (Oxfordshire)
  • The licensing of trade secrets and know-how
    John Hull, London
  • Technology licensing between academic institutions and private companies
    Prof. Heinz Goddar, Munich
  • Trademark licensing: the once and future narrative
    Neil Wilkof, Tel Aviv

Part II – Common intellectual property licensing policies

  • Developing socially responsible intellectual property licensing policies: non-exclusive licensing initiatives in the pharmaceutical sector
    Peter Beyer, Senior Advisor, Department of Public Health, Innovation and Intellectual Property, World Health Organization
  • A concept proposal for a model intellectual property commercial law
    Lorin Brennan, Los Angeles / Jeff C. Dodd, Houston
  • Intellectual property licensing agreements and bankruptcy
    Dr. Mark Reutter, Zurich
  • The law governing international intellectual property licensing agreements (a conflict of laws analysis)
    Prof. Pedro de Miguel Asensio, University of Madrid
  • Licensing and arbitration
    Prof. François Dessemontet, Saint Barthélemy
  • Global policies for arbitrating intellectual property disputes
    Prof. Jacques de Werra, University of Geneva

Part III – Local intellectual property licensing policies