Mohammad Kolahi

Mohammad-Reza Kolahi

PhD student


Mohammad-Reza Kolahi has been a PhD student at the University of Geneva since September 2022. His research in the group for Energy Efficiency focuses on modeling thermal grids and energy storage for the decarbonization of heating and cooling demand in the building stock. Finding solutions for the avoidance of CO2 emissions from the energy system, developing optimization models, analyzing the trade-offs between technical and economic performance, and conducting case studies with consideration of spatio-temporal aspects are the main aims of his study. The analysis of these items is the objective of the project Decarbonisation of Cooling and Heating in Switzerland (DeCarbCH).

Prior to the PhD program, Mohammad-Reza received his Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Tabriz, Iran. His previous works were mostly about modeling, optimization, and analyzing renewable micro energy systems (especially geothermal plants and water desalination systems). He also worked as a volunteer for a scientific network in Iran, where he became a member of its organizing committee, director of Material and Design Management, deputy of Members Affairs, and manager of its Networking Council.