Parenthood and all related issues must be everyone's concern. The Rectorate is happy to provide the university community with this brochure and sincerely hopes the information collected herein will meet mothers' and fathers' expectations.

Maternity, paternity and the reconciliation of private and professional lives require childcare infrastructures for the youngest children. Our institution is very active in this field. Indeed, we recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of our network of childcare institutions, which comprises two crèches and a kindergarten, as well as a new crèche opening in the CMU in 2016. A dedicated foundation will soon be in place to manage them all. We do hope this great effort made by our institution will facilitate the completion of an academic curriculum and/or career in the best possible conditions.    

As vice-rectors respectively in charge of human resources and equal opportunities, this brochure is particularly significant to us.

Margareta Baddeley, Vice-rector  & Jean-Luc Veuthey, Vice-rector