Je veux devenir ce que je suis, une enfant de lumière.

Katherine Mansfiel

Requested by the student, academic and administrative bodies, as well as the General Assembly of our university, this brochure is born at last. It is the result of impressive teamwork - to conceive, elaborate, draft, read, proofread, format and colour it in order to make it readable, intelligible, useful and effective.

This brochure is meant for UNIGE parents, men and women, irrespectively of their family structure and sexual orientation, who are faced with the arrival of a child, so that this event ceases to be considered as an exclusive concern of the mother, ceases to be considered as an insurmountable problem and a source of anxieties, ceases to be considered as an obstacle course, ceases to be considered as the fact that will prevent a young female researcher from keeping her academic career on track.

This brochure is also meant for superiors who have parents and future parents among their coworkers, so that they can help and guide them and answer their numerous questions.

Accessible and colourful, it illustrates an event that should be a happy moment in a long university life. It should be taken both as an assessment of the current situation and as a tool for pointing out difficulties and helping to consider necessary changes or modifications.

Marie-Claire Cors-Huber, HR Director                                                                        Brigitte Mantilleri, Equal opportunities delegate