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Maternity leave



Employees who carry out a regular, monthly remunerated activity have a right to maternity or adoption leave. Maternity leave starts on the day of the birth; the adoption leave begins either on the day the child arrives, or on the day the parents go get him.

Maternity or adoption leave lasts 20 weeks with full remuneration, provided the employment has been regular for more than 6 months. Maternity or adoption leave is reduced to 3 weeks for employees who have been working less than 6 months.

Activity and contribution periods abroad of people recently arrived in Switzerland are only taken into account for nationals of EU/EFTA member states.

Please contact the DIRH for further information and a personal situation analysis.

However long the right to maternity leave, it is prohibited by law to work during the 8 weeks following childbirth (art. 35a al. 3 LTr).




Forward the birth certificate to the superior and the DIRH. The administrative procedure can then begin; various forms must be filled in (maternity insurance, loss of earning insurance, etc.)




  DIRH  secretariat-dirh(at) or 022 379 75 56



Laws and regulations

  Replacement in case off illness, accident and maternity, in Memento UNIGE

  Art. 39 University staff regulation  (R-pers)

  Art. 34 Règlement d’application de la loi générale relative au personnel de l’administration cantonale et des établissements publics médicaux (RPAC)

  Art. 35a al. 3 LTr - pregnancy or breastfeeding

  Art. 16b et ss. Federal law sur les allocations pour perte de gain en cas de service et de maternité (LAPG)

  Cantonal office for social insurances


It is possible to be replaced during a maternity leave, provided the request is made by the superior to the DIRH.


The appointment of research and teaching assistants (A), senior research and teaching assistants (MA) or senior clinical associates (CS) under DIP-remunerated contract can be extended for a duration equal to the length of the maternity or parental leaves (see p. 36), provided the request is submitted within the deadline. This aims at ensuring concerned women benefit from the same time for their research overall as those who did not interrupt their careers due to pregnancy or maternity.

A, MA or CS remunerated by external funding (SNF, institutional funding) do not automatically have the right to an extension; the latter depends on the maternity-insurance-covered amounts available and on a full or partial replacement.  

It must be noted that a research project is in principle not extended in case of maternity leave, unless it is financed by dedicated funding, such as the Ambizione or Marie-Heim Vögltin (SNF) funds.

Stand-in employees do not have the right to an extension. The above dispositions do not apply.

Maternity leave period(s) can therefore not be made up for.




To obtain the extension of an appointment for the maternity leave period(s): send a written request, at least 3 months before the end of the appointment, to the responsible professor, who will transmit it to the DIRH with a request for an extension of appropriate duration.



For further information

  Replacement in case of illness, accident and maternity, in Memento UNIGE

  Contract extension in case of maternity leave, in Memento UNIGE