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A member of your team is on maternity or adoption leave



It is possible to replace an employee during her maternity leave. The superior must make a request to the DIRH.

For employees under DIP contracts, federal maternity insurance benefits, supplemented by cantonal benefits, are paid to the DIP who returns them to the University. The latter has set up fund PGU54, managed by the DIRH, to cover the replacement costs of employees on maternity, adoption or paternity leave. Fund PGU54 is available to all subdivisions upon request. The benefits do not fully cover the salary; the subdivision must therefore supplement the amount.  

For employees under external funding contracts (SNF, institutional funds), the full amounts received by the University from the gain loss insurance are transferred to the fund holder, who decides if the employee on leave must be replaced, and if so, partially or fully.

In order to organize the replacement in the best possible manner, the DIRH can provide all procedure details and exact amounts.


The appointment of research and teaching assistants (A), senior research and teaching assistants (MA) or senior clinical associates (CS) under DIP contracts can be extended for a duration equal to the length of the maternity, adoption or paternity leave(s).

 Available funds (benefits paid to PGU54) can be used to finance the appointment extension.

 It must be noted that, when the subdivision chooses to replace an A/MA/CS during her maternity leave, it has to cover the cost of the appointment extension on its own budget. The benefits received cannot cover both the replacement and the extension.



The superior makes a request for the extension of the employee's contract to the DIRH at least 3 months before the end of the appointment.

 For A, MA or CS remunerated by external funding (SNF, institutional funding), the subdivision can also use the maternity insurance benefits to extend the appointment, to fully or partially compensate the maternity leave.

For employees under a contract financed by other funds, the difference between the full salary and the maternity insurance benefits is covered by the relevant fund. The researcher's contract can be extended as per the available budget. The research project is however not extended, unless it is financed by dedicated funding, such as the Ambizione or Marie-Heim Vögtlin funds.




The superior forwards the employee's request to the DIRH, with a new contract of full or partial compensatory duration, according to the available maternity insurance allowances.




  DIRH  secretariat-dirh(at) ou 022 379 75 56



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