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Schooling - 4 to 18 years



In the Canton of Geneva, school is compulsory for children who are 4 years old by 31 July of the current year.


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——  4-12 years : primary education

Direction générale de l’enseignement primaire, rue Jean-Calvin 11, 022 546 75 00, info.primaire(at)
Details on enrolment

——  12-15 years : cycle d’orientation

Direction générale du cycle d’orientation, av. Joli Mont 15A, 022 388 53 00, dgco(at)

——  15 years and over : post-compulsory education

DIP - Enseignement postobligatoire (PO secondaire II), chemin de l’Echo 5A, 022 546 59 00, dgpo(at)


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——  Department  of public education, culture and sport (DIP)
——  Outline of public education in Geneva
—— The Geneva Welcome Center (Centre d'accueil de la Genève internationale - CAGI) proposes a general presentation of the swiss education system and links to private or specialized education facilities.
——  Comprehensive information can be found on the City of Geneva website, notably on extracurricular activites, school infrastructures and services (school restaurants, after-school facilities, security, Pedibus, etc.)


The Inter-municipal group for after-school facilities (Groupement intercommunal pour l’animation parascolaire - GIAP) provides after-school supervision facilities for the children of all primary schools (1P to 8P) in the Canton of Geneva:

—— morning supervision, 7-8am – in some suburban municipalities and city neighbourhoods and only for children from 1P to 4P (4-7 years) ;
—— midday supervision and lunch, 11.30am to 1.30pm ;
——  afternoon supervision and snack, 4-6pm.

Registrations for after-school facilities take place in May directly at the schools.



Groupement intercommunal pour l’animation parascolaire, bd des Promenades 20, Case Postale 2056, 1227 Carouge, 022 309 08 20, fax 022 309 08 25.



The Geneva foundation for youth centres (Fondation genevoise pour l’animation socioculturelle - FASe) oversees the activities carried out by neighbourhood youth and activity centres during those periods.

Information on the various extracurricular classes and activities are also often available at the schools.


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——  Foundation for sociocultural animation in the canton of Geneva (FASe)
——  Extracurricular activities offered by the DIP