ISE Events

The Institute for Environmental Sciences organizes several different series of seminars, workshops, conferences and similar events throughout the year. These not only reflect the work of the ISE’s four Research Hubs on the Institute’s five themes, but also cover related subjects, aiming to stimulate critical thinking among researchers and the general public.
More information: 
  • Half a day of ISE research presentations: once a year. 
  • The Law and Climate Change: dates to be confirmed.
  • GREEN Talks:  at 12:15 every last Thursday of the month, from 22 September 2016 onwards. 
  • ISE One-Day Events: once a year.
  • R lunches: at 12:15 every first Tuesday of the month, from 4 October 2016 onwards.
  • TIGERS Talks: at 12:15 every first Monday of the month. 

  • Water Talks Series: dates to be confirmed.
The ISE also holds occasional conferences under its ‘Lifelong Learning’ banner. More information is available on the  Lifelong Learning web page.