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The Hub of Digital Sciences for Environment and Health, formerly known as the Hub of Environmental Informatics, gathers researcher from the various disciplines interested in advanced applications of informatics, geomatics, statistics and modelling applied to environment and health.

One of the main goals of the Hub is to develop teaching and research activities in the large domain of digital sciences. From observational data, to their representation and their integration in models and scenario, then to their communication to stakeholders, the Hub is particularly aiming at decreasing the conceptual and technical barriers that often prevent the percolation of scientific knowledge towards decisions.

The Hub collaborates closely with the Faculties of Sciences, Social Sciences, Economics and Management(notably the Research Center for Statistics), and Medicine (mainly through the Institute of Global Health), as well as the Centre Universitaire d’Informatique, around shared transversal themes (Climate Change, Water, Biodiversity, Energy, Regions and cities), complemented by Health.

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Main research groups collaborating with the Hub of Digital Sciences for Environment and Health