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The GeoHealth research group is anchored at the Institute of Global Health (Faculty of Medicine) and tightly collaborates with the Institute for Environmental Sciences. Go to the GeoHealth website to know more about our projects and publications.

GeoHealth is about geospatial approaches applied to health. Broadly defined, GeoHealth seeks to understand the relationships between people, location, environment, time and health. The GeoHealth research group is dedicated to research and development in Global Health using advanced geospatial modelling, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Spatial Data Infrastructures, and spatial statistics. Many of our projects are at the interface between Environmental Sciences and Health. In collaboration with WHO and the Health GeoLab Collaborative, we have developed and are maintaining the modelling software AccessMod, an open-source geospatial tool used in many low- and middle-income countries to model the physical accessibility of networks of health services. We are working closely with UNFPA, UNICEF, The Global Fund and the World Bank to develop innovative methodologies to tackle many challenges linked to accessibility, universal health coverage, and service allocation efficiency.


Geohealth members

Dr. Nicolas Ray | Head of GeoHealth group, co-Director of the AccessMod global project

Dr. Yaniss Guigoz | Capacity building specialist in SDI and GIS

Ms. Zeynabou Sy | GIS Analyst, Scientific collaborator

Mr. Frederic Moser | AccessMod Lead developer

Mr. Carlos Ochoa | Biostatistician, PhD candidate 

Ms. Fleur Hierink | Assistante, PhD candidate 

Mr. Andrew Curtis | GIS Analyst, Scientific collaborator

GeoHealth group