Hub of Economics and Management


The Economics and Management Research Hub is one of the four main Hubs of the Institute for Environmental Sciences (ISE). The Hub brings together researchers from the Geneva School of Economics and Management who actively contribute to the Institute’s academic life.

Working at the intersection between the disciplines of Economics and Environmental Sciences, the Hub’s researchers seek answers to current questions that have both economic and environmental dimensions. How can we guarantee society’s well-being while still preventing the destruction of natural resources?

The focal point of these interconnected research themes is energy: supply and demand infrastructure, renewable energy sources (solar and water power), economic policies and the organization of the electricity market (liberalization and tariff design). The Hub’s researchers also tackle topics such as sustainable development; environmental economics, in particular the economics of climate change; resource management and economic behaviour.

The Hub promotes close educational and scientific collaboration within the ISE, through a cross-disciplinary approach. It puts particular emphasis on the Institute’s five cross-cutting themes: biodiversity, climate, water, energy, regions and cities.

In its teaching role, the Hub is one of the partners delivering the Masters in Environmental Sciences (MUSE).