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Hub of Environmental Informatics

The ISE Environmental Informatics Hub (enviroMatics) is active at the intersection of two of the greatest challenges of the 21st century: Information Society and Sustainable Society.

Our main objective is to better exploit IT potential to inform the general public and decision makers on issues of the environment based on the best available scientific knowledge. The main clusters of expertise are in the fields of geomatics, statistics, computer science and modeling of environmental processes.

All employees of the University of Geneva interested in these topics are likely to participate in discussions and activities of the Hub. The Pole is already receiving shareholdings of members of the Faculties of Sciences (Sc.), the Faculty of Social Sciences (SDS) and the Faculty of Economics and Management (GSEM) and the Centre for Informatics Sciences (CUI).

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TIGERS: Technology of Information for Geographic and Environmental Research and Services
CUI: University Center of Informatics

Research Center for Statistics:


Main research groups collaborating with the Environmental Informatics Hub