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19 février à l'ISE : "brown-bag lunch" séminaire avec une présentation d'Ariane Burke, paléoanthropologue à l'Université de Montréal

Ariane Burke (Hominid Dispersal Research Group) : "Human response to environmental risk during the Last Glacial Maximum"

The Hominid Dispersal Research Group is exploring the impact of climate on the spatial behaviour of human populations during prehistory. Climate variability is an important component of environmental risk and one of the most important challenges our species will face in the near future. In this paper, I will focus on the Last Glacial Maximum in Western Europe, examining how human populations reacted to extreme climate conditions and climate variability. This research uses high-resolution climate simulations produced using outputs from the IPSL-CM5 and a downscaling method (GAM) and the distribution of known archaeological sites as a proxy for the distribution of human populations.

ISE, Battelle, Bâtiment D-154, 12h45 -14h00, entrée libre.

2 février 2015
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