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Geneva Lecture Series on Sustainable Finance

A lecture series on ‘Sustainable Finance’ is being initiated by the Geneva Finance Research Institute (GFRI) and the Institute of Environmental Sciences (ISE) for the 2014 Spring Semester in order to provide students with an introductory understanding of the key concepts, challenges and structures relating to sustainable finance.

An introductory lecture will focus on the functioning of financial markets and the inter-relationship between major sustainability challenges and risks (with a focus on environment and climate) and finance. The following lectures will be given by practitioners and experts to provide insights into specific aspects of sustainable finance, such as measuring environmental impact and risk, innovative mechanisms for reducing drivers of environmental degradation and natural resource depletion integrating environmental data and information into risk analysis or the state of sustainable finance education in Switzerland.

This is a significant opportunity to meet and network with key stakeholders from the Geneva sustainability sector (including private, public and international organisations).

Lectures will take place on Monday or Wednesday between 12:30 and 14:00. Sandwiches will be provided for those registering. Students are strongly encouraged to see this as a valuable networking opportunity with external speakers to discuss potential research projects and internship positions.

>Register in advance for each lecture :  margot.hill(at)
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14 mars 2014
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