Research projects


MUlti-disciplinary diStrIbuted Computing

The Multi-disciplinary Distributed Computing (MUSIC) project aims at bringing together several Swiss higher education institutes by means of a shared high-performance computing platform called XtremWeb-CH utilized in the Virtual EZ Grid platform.

The project aims at: (1) simplifying use and reducing “operating costs” of the Virtual EZ Grid platform, (2) bringing new scientific communities to use Grid technology and, (3) improving the integration of the XWCH platform in the SMSCG platform.

The role of the enviroSPACE/UNEP/GRID-Geneva is to "gridify" the application used to compute individual past tropical cyclones events in each cyclonic region for the period 1970 to 2009.

The 18-month project runs from October 2011 to December 2012 and has a total budget of 410’000 CHF (50’000 CHF for our team, matching fund) received from SWITCH.

Coordinator: Nabil Abdennadher, HEPIA

enviroSPACE/GRID lead: Nicolas Ray

Collaborators: Christian Herold, Grégory Giuliani

More information on the official MUSIC project website.