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International peer reviewed publications (articles and book chapters)

  1. Poussin C., Massot A., Ginzler C., Weber D., Chatenoux B., Lacroix P., Piller T., Nguyen L., Giuliani G. Drying conditions in Switzerland - Indication from a 35-year Landsat time-series analysis of vegetation water content estimates to support SDGs. Big Earth Data X(X):XX. WWW
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  4. Giuliani G., Chatenoux B., Benvenuti A., Lacroix P., Santoro M., Mazzetti P. (2020). Monitoring Land Degradation at national level using satellite Earth Observation time-series data to support SDG15 - Exploring the potential of Data Cube. Big Earth Data X(X):XX. WWW
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  7. Kyba C., Giuliani G., Franziskakis F., Tockner T., Lacroix P. (2019). Artisanal and small-scale mining sites in the Democratic Republic of the Congo are not associated with nighttime light emissions. J 2(2):152-160. WWW
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  18. Lacroix P. / Guigoz Y., Ray N., Rouholahnejad E., Giuliani G (2016). SCOPED-W: SCalable Online Platform for Extracting Environmental Data and Water-related model outputs. Transaction in GIS, 21(4):748-763. WWW
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  27. Giuliani G., Dubois A., Lacroix P. (2013). Testing OGC Web Feature and Web Coverage Services performance: towards efficient delivery of geospatial data. Journal of Spatial Information Science, 7:1-23. WWW


  1. Lacroix P. (2013). Contributions of GIS to Efficient Mine Action. PhD Thesis, University of Geneva, 280 pages. WWW
  2. Lacroix P. (2001). Organisation d'un serveur de données spatiales. Master Thesis, Université Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne.

Books (non peer-reviewed)

  1. Guigoz Y., Gelman A., Lacroix P., Giuliani G. (2017). Bringing GEOSS Services into Practice: GeoNode tutorial. GIS Open Source Workshop Material. University of Geneva, United Nations Environment, 55 pages. Available from Google Play Books and from iTunes Store
  2. Giuliani G., Lacroix P., Guigoz Y., Bigagli L., Ray N., Lehmann A. (2014). Bringing GEOSS Services into Practice. GIS Open Source Workshop Material. University of Geneva, United Nations Environment Programme, National Research Council of Italy, 189 pages. Available from Google Play Books and from iTunes Store