Institut des Etudes genre

The Institute of Gender Studies aims to unite and develop research on gender issues at the University of Geneva. It places its activities within the broader context of the Graduate School in Gender Studies of Fracophone Switzerland in which it is actively involved, as well as the cooperative project "Gender Studies Switzerland", supported by the Swiss Universities Conference, in which it participates. Boasting numerous international collaborations, the Institute aims to contribute to the development of international networks in this field.


The gender studies field is innovative in that it offers a gendered reading of the social world and the power relations that constitute it. It examines how socially constructed gender differences are inscribed in social practices, daily arrangements of life, and normative systems and representations. The subjects addressed at the Institute are thus varied: rights, equality, authority, knowledge, sexuality, culture, and identity. In order understand social dynamics through a gender perspective, several disciplines interact within the Institute (eg sociology, history, anthropology, political science) proposing various methodologies and a transversal view of the subject.


Supported by an experienced team who have developed both research in Gender Studies, as well as academic course offerings (Master's, bachelor, certificate) at the University of Geneva, the Institute pursues a dual goal of scientific excellence and accesibility to the public. The Institute is headed by Prof. Lorena Parini, specialist in Gender Studies.


Please contact Dir. Marylène Lieber to join the Institute.