Yali Chen

Interventions et publications



Yali CHEN (2017) "社交媒体与海外华人的身份构建:基于对瑞士华人女性移民的微信使用的研究", 新闻春秋,2017年第1期,pp. 54-60.



Yali CHEN, "Dependency, independency and interdependency: post-global marriage life strategies of Chinese migrant women in Switzerland" au panel "Asia-Europe intimate links: family migration, binational couples and mixed-parentage children" au 6ème Congrès GIS Asie, FNASIC, Paris, France, 26-28 Juin 2017.

Yali CHEN, "Social media and identification of Overseas Chinese: A Study on the Usage of Wechat of Chinese Immigrant Women in Switzerland" à la 3rd Edition of the Workshop « Networking China And The World », Bologne, Italie, 29-30 Avril 2017.