Prügl Elisabeth

Nom : Prügl

Prénom : Elisabeth

E-mail : elisabeth.pruegl(at)

Affiliation institutionnelle : IHEID

Centre d'intérêt : gender and international governance

Domaines de recherche : international organizations, security, labor

Recherches en cours : -gender experts and gender expertise -gender and business -gender and security

Enseignements : -Feminist Theory -Gender Politics in Global Governance

Bref résumé de la carrière :

Elisabeth Prügl is Director of the Programme on Gender and Global Change (PGGC) at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (IHEID). She also serves as Deputy Director of IHEID and is a Professor of International Relations/Political Science. Born in Germany and a US citizen, she holds a doctoral degree from The American University in Washington, DC. Before joining the Graduate Institute in 2009, she was professor at Florida International University in Miami, where she also co-directed the Miami-Florida European Union Center of Excellence.

Principales publications :


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