Workshop: Gender Meets Sociology


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Friday, 9th of September

Final session of the Swiss French Graduate School in Gender Studies

Organization: Delphine Gardey, Institut des Études Genre (Gender Studies), University of Geneva


  • 10h30 – 12h30, Room U159 Dufour

Judy Wajcman

Professor, Head of Department of Sociology, London School of Economics & Political Science

Digital Technologies, Power and Culture: How Technological Forms Embody, Generate and Contest Gender Inequalities.

Mastery over technology has long been seen as a key source of power for men, reflected in hierarchies of sexual difference at work and at home. However, dramatic advances in technology, the challenge of feminism and consciousness of the mutating character of the natural world have prompted visionary thinking. This has led feminist theorists to ask whether digitalisation will finally sever the link between technology and male privilege, indeed whether new technologies have undergone a sex change. While early second-wave feminism stressed how embedded technology is with masculinity, many cyberfeminists conceive of the virtuality of cyberspace and the Internet as spelling the end of the embodied basis for sex difference and thus inherently liberating. Adopting a technofeminist approach, this talk outlines the mutually shaping relationship between gender and technoscience. While this relationship is rapidly changing, feminist politics need to be at the heart of contesting this process.


  • 15h15 – 17h00, Room R380 UniMail

ESA “Meet the authors” Session: Around the Collective Book “Sous les sciences sociales, le genre”

Gender Meets Sociology: reconsidering sociological theories and empirical production in sociology from a gendered and feminist perspective.

What does it mean to read authors in sociology from a gender and feminist perspective? The purpose of the session is to come back to the editorial project with two major authors of the contemporary sociological scene and the authors who read and criticised their theoretical and empirical work from a gender and feminist perspective.

Luc Boltanski with Fatiha Talahite
Bruno Latour with Delphine Gardey

Presentation of the editorial project

Danielle Chabaud-Rychter (CNRS researcher, CRESPPA-GTM) and Virginie Descoutures (Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Galatasaray University).

A critical reading of majors authors in Sociology

Discussion between Fatiha Talahite (CNRS researcher, Economic Center of Paris Nord University) and Luc Boltanski (Director of Studies, EHESS).

Discussion between Delphine Gardey (Professor, Institute for Gender Studies, University of Geneva) and Bruno Latour (Professor & Vice-president for research, Sciences Po Paris).