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Where to get information

As part of the initial step to prepare  your exchange request application to the University of Geneva, Ms Isabelle de Vinck, Exchange Counselor, is available to answer all your questions:

- Information on the different exchange programmes (collaboration agreements, SEMP, Coimbra, Swiss Exchange Programme);

- Guidance in choosing the destination and the duration of the exchange;

- Information on scholarships, administrative procedures, how to register for an exchange, etc.

We strongly encourage you to take advantage of this advice in order to optimise your choice of destinations and your chances of being selected.


Once you have been allocated your destination, the person responsible for your programme will contact you to give you the information you need to ensure that your mobility goes smoothly. This person is your contact person from that moment on, he/she is the official link between you and the partner institution and will give you the necessary information and support for:

  • The compilation of necessary documents for your final application to the host university;
  • The procedure for registering with the partner institution;
  • The deadlines to meet;
  • The possible granting of a scholarship;
  • Answers to any question related to your future or current mobility.

Academic questions (study plan, period authorised for mobility, etc.) are to be dealt directly with the academic advisors in the faculties.


Spring session

The Academic Exchange Office is pleased to inform you that an OUT Mobility Information Session took place on Thursday April 29 th, 2021, from 14:15 to 15:00, on Zoom. The session was intended for first-year students, but is open to anyone interested in going on a mobility from the 2022-2023 academic year onwards.

The aim of this session is to inform you as of Spring about exchange possibilities in one of our partner universities and the financial aid that may be available, which will allow you to start preparing your application in a more serene manner, for example by anticipating the language exams.

Consult the presentation (pdf document) given by our office or check out the video recording of our Zoom session.


International Day

Thursday  October 7 th, 2021, was the 14th International Day. Organised by the Academic Exchange Office, this event informs about exchange programmes, the application procedure, financial aid possibilities, and the courses and proficiency tests offered by the Maison des Langues.

In order to answer academic inquiries, mobility information sessions organised by different faculties took place the same day.

This day was the opportunity to talk to INCOMING students representing some twenty partner universities more or less. Access the platform

Finally, you could learn more about internationalisation opportunities "at home" such as UNIGE’s Summer Schools or foreign language classes.

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Students and experts share testimonies

These sessions, organised by geographical region, will allow you to obtain concrete information thanks to the testimonies of other students and the advice of experts.

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