Study abroad

International Week: 3 to 7 October 2022


Outgoing exchange procedure ¦ slides ¦ video

The aim of this session is to provide information on exchange programmes and the application procedure, as well as on the financial aid available, the courses and exams offered by the Maison des Langues and the health and psychological aspects.



Thursday 6 October

Outgoing exchange procedure
12h15 to 14h - Uni Mail, MR080


Internationalisation@home ¦ slides

There are different ways to internationalise your studies while staying in Geneva; this session will be an opportunity to learn more about the UNIGE's Summer Schools, the language courses offered by the Maison des Langues, the online course possibilities offered by the LERU's Virtual Exchange programme and the possibility of rubbing shoulders with an international student population by taking part in the activities of the ESN student association



Tuesday 4 October

12h15 to 14h - Uni Mail Hall



In order to answer academic questions, the academic advisors of several faculties organise information sessions on mobility. Please consult the schedule below.



Tuesday 27 September

GSEM - 10h15 à 12h - Uni Mail, MS130
Wednesday 28 September

GSI (Bari) - 14h15 à 16h - Uni Mail, MR280

Monday 3 October

Droit  - 09h15 à 10h - Uni Mail, MR040

Thursday 6 October

FTI - 08h15 à 10h - Uni Mail, MR170

FPSE - 16h - Uni Mail, M1193


Friday 7 October

SDS - 10h15 à 12h - Uni Mail, MR290

GSI (Masters) - 14h15-16h, Sciences III, S1081

These sessions, organised by geographical region, offer the possibility to obtain concrete information on certain destinations thanks to the testimonies of students and experts. They will be followed by a convivial moment which will give the opportunity to meet other people interested in going to the same destinations as well as IN students from that region


Geographical area/Time/Room

Monday 3 October

North America & Australia
12h15 to 14h, Uni Mail Hall

UC Irvine

Concordia University

Smith College

Tuesday 4 October

Africa, Middle East, Latin America
16h15 to 18h, Uni Mail Hall

Universidad de Antioquia

Universidade de São Paulo

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Wednesday 5 October

Europa 1
12h15 to 14h, Uni Mail Hall

Universität Hamburg

University of Oulu

University of Limerick

Thursday 6 October
16h16 to 18h, Uni Mail Hall

Friday 7 October

Europa 2
12h15 to 14h, Uni Mail Hall

Abo Akademi

University of Glasgow

Universität Zürich