Science of Aphasia XIX, Lido of Venice, September 18-22, 2018.

Action and Interaction:          -->Click to download the final programme


September 19: Embodied Cognition

Luciano Fadiga (Univ. Ferrara): Action, Interaction, Communication

Greig de Zubicaray (Queensland University of Technology): If embodiment is the answer, what was the question?

 September 20: Action

Angelika Lingnau (Royal Holloway, London):The organization of observed actions in the human brain

Roel Jonkers (Univ. Groningen): Verb processing in acquired language disorders: the role of verb type

Social Programme

September 21: Interaction

Wendy Best (UCL): Conversation Intervention in Action

Gloria Olness (Univ. of North Texas): From Reference to Prominence: Toward a Model of Communicative Functionality in Discourse

Anne-Catherine Bachoud-Levi (Inserm, Paris) : Striatum and Language

 September 22: Wrap up    

David Caplan (Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston): Comments on language and its relation to action and social interaction


Frank Zanow (eemagine, Berlin; ANTneuro, Enschede): The future of mobile EEG and pervasive neurotechnology

Suzanne Beeke (University College London) : Talk matters in aphasia: Changing communication behaviours using Conversation Analysis