Séminaires de psychologie

(Still) Modern Times: Objectification at work

Dans le cadre de l'Orientation psychologie sociale, conférence de

Université de Gênes

Jeudi 16 novembre 2017 | 10h15 | Uni Dufour - salle 159

So far, most of the research on objectification (i.e., the perception of others as mere objects) has focused on the sexual realm. However, objectification encompasses a broader range of human interactions and domains. In particular, in certain working contexts objectification is a powerful instrument to justify subordinates’ exploitation and facilitate their use as means to one’s own purposes. In the present line of research, we aimed to provide first empirical evidence of objectification in the workplace. In the first set of studies (Andrighetto, Baldissarri, & Volpato, 2017) we showed that making key work features (i.e., repetitiveness, fragmentation, other-direction) salient activates laypeople’s objectified views of the worker. In the second set of studies (Baldissarri, Andrighetto, Gabbiadini, & Volpato, 2017; Baldissarri, Andrighetto, & Volpato, 2017), we demonstrated that performing an objectifying activity characterized by these features leads to self-objectification and, in turn, to decreased belief in having personal free will and increased conformity. The theoretical and practical implications of these findings will be discussed.

10 novembre 2017
  Séminaires de psychologie