Matthias Kliegel

Full Professor and Chair of Cognitive Aging

Director of the Centre Interfacultaire de Gérontologie et d'études de vulnérabilités (CIGEV)

Matthias Kliegel

Contact Details

University of Geneva
Department of Psychology
Boulevard du Pont d'Arve 40
CH- 1211 Genève 4
Bureau 5140
Phone: +41 22 379 91 76




Research topics

  • Cognitive development across the lifespan (prospective memory, working memory, executive functions)
  • Cognitive and clinical neuroscience of aging and developmental disorders
  • Plasticity of memory and executive functions
  • Aging workforce
  • Health behavior changes across the lifespan

Brief Curriculum Vitae


1991-1999: University studies in psychology, philosophy, ethics and theology in Vienna, Mainz and Albuquerque

2002: PhD in Psychology (University of Heidelberg) 2005: Habilitation in Psychology (University of Zurich)

Professional experience

2002: Postdoctoral Fellow: German Research Center on Ageing, Heidelberg

2002-2007: Assistant (Oberassistent) and Associate (Privatdozent) Professor of Psychology, University of Zurich

2007-2011: Full Professor (W3) of Psychology at The Dresden University of Technology, Dresden, Germany; Chair of Developmental Psychology, Director of the Institute of Educational and Developmental Psychology

Since 2011: Full Professor of Psychology at the University of Geneva; Chair of Cognitive Aging

Since 2016: Director of the Centre Interfacultaire de Gérontologie et d'études de vulnérabilités (CIGEV)


  • Distinguished Visiting Research Fellowship. School of Psychology, Australian Catholic University, Melbourne, Australia
  • Vontobel Award for Research on Aging
  • Honorary Lectureship Award at the University of the Third Age, University of Frankfurt

Selected publications

  1. Kliegel, M., Ballhausen, N., Hering, A., Ihle, A., Schnitzspahn, K., & Zuber, S. (2016). Prospective memory in older adults: Where we are now, and what is next. Gerontology62, 459-466. 
  2. Mahy, C.E.V., Moses, L.J. & Kliegel, M. (2014). The development of prospective memory in children: An executive framework. Developmental Review, 34, 305-326.
  3. Brom, S. & Kliegel, M. (2014). Improving everyday prospective memory performance in older adults: Comparing cognitive process and strategy training. Psychology and Aging, 29, 744-755.
  4. Schnitzspahn, K., Thorley, C., Phillips, L., Voigt, B., Threadgold, E., Hammond, E.R., Mustafa, B., & Kliegel, M. (2014). Changes in Attentional Control Drive Mood Effects on Time-Based Prospective Memory in Young but not Older Adults. Psychology and Aging, 29, 264-270.
  5. Zinke, K. Zeintl, M., Rose, N.S., Putzmann, J., Pydde, A., & Kliegel, M. (2014). Working Memory Training and Transfer in Older Adults: Effects of Age, Baseline Performance, and Training Gains. Developmental Psychology, 50, 304-315.
  6. Ihle, A., Hering, A., Mahy, C.E.V., Bisiacchi, P.S., & Kliegel, M. (2013). Adult age differences, response management, and cue focality in event-based prospective memory: A meta-analysis on the role of task order specificity. Psychology and Aging, 28, 714-720.
  7. Schnitzspahn, K.M., Stahl, C., Zeintl, M., Kaller, C.P., & Kliegel, M. (2013). The role of shifting, updating, and inhibition in prospective memory performance in young and older adults. Developmental Psychology, 49, 1544-1553. 


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