Neuropsychology of multiple sclerosis

# Studying the impact of personality traits in Multiple Sclerosis

About the COGNISEP project

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic neurological disease that has a highly heterogenous course, with uncertain prognostic. Interestingly, personality seems to be of high interest in this pathology, as personality changes and disorders are frequently reported, potentially caused by cerebral damage or the psychological impact of dealing with an unpredictable chronic disease. The COGNISEP project aims thus at better understanding the role of personality in MS by highlighting the implication of precise personality traits and understanding their impact and interaction with cognitive and affective status in affected patients. This project also aims at investigating associations between personality and brain correlates (structural and functional). For this project, we collaborate with the neuroimmunology Unit at the University Hospitals of Geneva of the University Hospitals of Geneva, the Leenaards Memory Centre at the Lausanne University Hospital, under the aegis of the Swiss MS Cohort study (SMCS).


Gilles Allali
Leenaards Memory Center, Lausanne University Hospital and University of Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland

Patrice H. Lalive
Neurology Department, Geneva University Hospitals, Switzerland
Faculty of Medicine, University of Geneva, Switzerland



Swiss Multiple Sclerosis Society
"Personality as a Predictor of Disability in Multiple Sclerosis: A Follow-Up Study"
2023 - 2025


  • Jacot de Alcântara, I., Voruz, P., Allali, G., Fragnoli, C., Antoniou, MP, Lalive, PH & Péron, JA (2023). Personality as a predictor of disability in multiple sclerosis. Archives of clinical neuropsychology.