The climatic changes that have been increasingly observed in recent years are, to a large extent, driven by human activities linked to energy overconsumption and overreliance on fossil energy sources. Developing strategies and interventions to promote more sustainable energy uses is one of the most pressing tasks facing our planet and its inhabitants. Using an interdisciplinary approach that combines psychology, affective sciences, behavioral economics, and neuroscience, our research group aims to contribute to this “energy turn” by trying to understand the factors and mechanisms that drive decisions related to energy consumption.


"Interventions today for the environment of tomorrow": Prof. Brosch is talking about green nudges at the IPU conference in Zurich today.

Join us today for a talk by Prof. Sander van der Linden on "The role of warm-glow and intrinsic motivation in sustainable decision-making"! 

"Beyond nudges: Becoming a better choice architect". Talk by Prof. Eric Johnson today in the Geneva Center for Interdisciplinary Decision Research Series!

Consumer preferences for electricity-saving programs: New paper out now.

Prof. Brosch is presenting our work at the UN Perception Change Project.

Introducing "Environmental Trait Affect": new paper out now!

Congratulations to Dr. Gilles Chatelain for successfully defending his PhD thesis!

Carrots and sticks: Our new paper on the role of incentives in electricity tariffs is out now.

Our new paper on affective dilemmas is online.

Tonight: Screening of Al Gore's new movie "An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power" followed by a discussion with vice-mayor Sandrine Salerno and Prof. Brosch at the Cinelux.

We are happy to welcome Mario Herberz as a new PhD candidate to our team!

Feel good, stay green! Our latest paper is online.

We're hiring: PhD position available within the Consumer Decision and Sustainable Behavior Lab

Congratulations to our own Beatrice Conte and Jasmin Mahmoodi for winning the best paper awards at the 2017 International Conference on Environmental Psychology!

We participated in a very interesting conference by the Cour des Comptes on the role of behavioral insights in public policy. Click here to learn more about the Behavioral Insights Network at UniGE.

Join us today for an exciting environmental double feature at Campus Biotech: A talk by Linda Steg, then a graduate seminar on Behavioral Insights and Nudges.

We are happy to welcome Kimberly Doell as a new postdoc to our team!

We are happy to welcome Stefanie Hille and Goda Perlaviciute as visiting professors and Beatrice Conte as a new PhD Student to our team!

"Seeing Green" – Our new paper on identity-based climate change judgements is out now!

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