Dr. Kimberly Doell

Kimberly Doell

Kim began her academic career by studying biology and psychology at the University of Toronto, in Canada. She subsequently received her Master’s in Neuroscience from the University of Geneva by studying the neural correlates of reward processing and reinforcement learning. This led her to continue studying at the University of Geneva where she completed her PhD in 2016 studying social cognition and the effects of social (and non-social) rewards and punishments.

Kim joined the Consumer Decision and Sustainable Behavior Lab as a postdoctoral research fellow in early 2017. Her research investigates the neural underpinnings of decisions within the realms of climate change and sustainable behaviors. She is particularly interested in how different aspects of social cognition relate to the choices we make about these important topics. This includes social conformity, group dynamics, altruism, and morality. Ideally this information will allow for more targeted campaigns in order to promote sustainable behaviors and decisions.

If Kim isn’t working in the office chances are she is at a music festival, laying under a tree somewhere sleeping, or rocking on her ukulele. If not, she is exploring the underwater world and trying not to get eaten by sharks.

Contact information
Dr. Kimberly Doell
Consumer Decision and Sustainable Behavior Lab
Department of Psychology
University of Geneva

9, Chemin des Mines

1202 Geneva, Switzerland

Office: Campus Biotech