Mario Herberz

Mario Herberz

Mario joined the Consumer Decision and Sustainable Behavior Lab as a PhD student in March 2018. He received his Bachelors and his Masters degree in Psychology from the University of Heidelberg with an emphasis on cognitive psychology, heuristics and biases and judgment and decision making. During a one-year exchange program to the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid he strengthened his methods skills by taking courses of the Master of Methodology in Behavioral and Health Sciences. He wrote his Master's thesis on how to nudge people into a better understanding of the non-linear relationship of speed and time in a driving context.

His current research interests concern the promotion of more sustainable behavior and decision making in the private transport sector. With this goal his main focus lies on the identification of effective low-invasive intervention methods (nudges) to promote fuel efficient car purchases. Herby, special focus lies on the distinction of System 1 (intuitive) and System 2 (analytical) processing and the decision stage that is targeted by the nudge: Forming a choice set or shifting preference within a choice set. Shifting preferences of habitual transport behavior (like commuting to work) is also one of his major research interests.

If you don't find him at his computer he will most likely be on his bike discovering the outskirts of Geneva or in the Mountains hiking, savoring a beer and the fresh air.

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Mario Herberz
Consumer Decision and Sustainable Behavior Lab
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