Dr. Melanie Herrmann

Melanie Herrmann

Melanie joined the Consumer Decision and Sustainable Behaviour Lab in September 2021. Prior to that, she was an Associate Lecturer at University College London, and a Research Associate at the University of Cambridge.

Melanie’s research sits at the intersection of psychology and innovation, studying how people respond to and interact with sustainable technology. She has researched people’s interaction with smart energy feedback in the home, as well as global sustainability platforms for deforestation, biodiversity, and supply chain transparency. She recently supervised projects investigating the role of technology on community action in climate activism and social justice movements.

In her research at the Consumer Decision and Sustainable Behaviour Lab, Melanie researches the decisions and behaviors of consumers and prosumers in the context of local energy markets. Her project aims at studying behavioral drivers and barriers for the participation in local peer-to-peer energy markets where members can trade self-generated electricity among each other, and to better understand consumers’ and prosumers’ preferences and decision strategies within these markets.

Melanie has a PhD in sustainable Human-Computer Interaction, a BSc and Msc in Psychology, and a professional qualification in Business Sustainability Management. Outside of her academic work, she is a trustee on the board of Climate Giving, a UK based charity who is behind the projects The Crowd and Snowball, which harness the power of collective action to fight against climate change.

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Dr. Melanie Herrmann
Consumer Decision and Sustainable Behavior Lab
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