Tobia Spampatti

Tobia Spampatti

Tobia joined the Consumer Decision and Sustainable Behavior Lab as a PhD candidate in February 2020. He is supervised by Prof. Tobias Brosch and Dr. Ulf Hahnel from the Consumer Decision and Sustainable Behavior Lab and Prof. Evelina Trutnevyte from the Renewable Energy Systems Group.

His current PhD research project aims at using insights from psychology and neuroscience to understand how, on the one hand, better inform Geneva citizens about geothermal energy and, on the other, how to fight climate disinformation. In particular, Tobia investigates how information processing strategies and subsequent judgments and decisions are influenced by (i) individual differences related to cognitive and affective traits and biases and (ii) aspects of the decision environment (e.g., information framing), and how they subsequently shape beliefs, emotions, and decisions concerning renewable energies. He conducts his research in various ways, from online to field studies, from neuroimaging data to social media data, with a keen eye towards Open Science practices. The final aim of the project is identifying evidence-based strategies to improve public communication on renewable energies.

Before, he was awarded his MSc at University College, London, in Social Cognition: Research and Applications. He also holds a BA in Psychological Science by the University of Padua, and he participated in an Erasmus+ semester at the University of Liverpool and three months at the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition, and Behavior in Nijmegen, as an Erasmus+ research trainee on an fMRI project on bilingualism.

When not in the lab, you may find him in the park reading a book, or discovering the mountains around Geneva by hiking, skiing, and rock climbing.

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Tobia Spampatti

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