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Espace Mathématique Francophone  2015

The Francophone Mathematics Space (EMF) was brought about in order to promote debates and exchanges on the pressing questions of mathematics education in our modern societies, at the primary, secondary and university level, along with the questions concerning initial and continuous training of teachers. The EMF contributes to the development of a rich community of different cultures, around mathematics education at the crossroad of continents, cultures and generations. The working language of the symposium is French.

 The scientific meetings of the EMF, which take place every three years since 2000, are recognised as regional conferences by the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction (ICMI). It is addressed to different panellists preoccupied with questions that have to do with mathematics education: mathematicians, didacticians of mathematics, researchers, trainers, teachers of different levels. The locations of conferences are chosen in order to respect a geographical balance and encourage the participation of the largest possible francophone community.

Sylvie Coppé and Jean Luc Dorier are members of the programm committee.

Sylvia Coutat, Christine Del Notaro ans Shaula Fiorelli Vimart are group administrators.