Scientific articles

2019 and in press

Oral communications

  • Cernadas Curotto, P., Sander, D., Halperin, E., & Klimecki, O. M. (2019, July). Changing negative attitudes with compassion training and reappraisal training in order to promote conflict resolution. Talk presented at the biennial conference of the International Society for Research on Emotion (ISRE), Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
  • Cernadas Curotto, P., Klimecki, O. M., & Lack, J. (2018, November). The Impact of neurosciences on the future of alternative dispute resolution and process design. Talk presented at the 1st International Conference on Innovations in Conflict Resolution and Mediation, Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • Cernadas Curotto, P. (2018, October). Emotion-based interventions in order to promote conflict resolution. Talk presented at the meeting between the UN Leaders, the University of Geneva and Geneva Science Policy Interface, Geneva, Switzerland.
  • Cernadas Curotto, P. (2018, Septembre). Études comparant les effets de la méditation et de la réévaluation cognitive sur la résolution de conflit. Présentation donnée lors du workshop “Approches scientifiques sur le rôle des émotions dans les conflits pour les médiateurs “, Genève, Suisse.
  • Klimecki, O. M., Varone, C., & Cernadas Curotto, P. (2018, January). Emotion in conflict. Oral presentation given at the Basel Peace Forum, Basel, Switzerland.
  • Klimecki, O. M., & Cernadas Curotto, P. (2018, January). Premiers résultats empiriques pour promouvoir la résolution des conflits [First empirical results for promoting conflict resolution]. Invited talk for the Mediator Breakfast of the Chambre Suisse de Médiation Commerciale, Geneva, Switzerland.


  • Cernadas Curotto, P., Sander, D., Favez, N., Sterpenich, V., Rimmele, U., & Klimecki, O. M. (2018, April). Sleep deprivation and its impact on interpersonal conflict. Poster presented at the Consortium of European Research on Emotion (CERE), Glasgow, United Kingdom.
  • Cernadas Curotto, P., Barsics, C., Klimecki, O. M., Sander, D., D'Argembeau, A., & Van der Linden, M. (2018, February). The influence of future thinking on prosocial behavior. Poster presented at the Swiss Center for Affective Sciences Annual Research Forum, Geneva, Switzerland.
  • Cernadas Curotto, P., Barsics, C., Klimecki, O. M., Sander, D., D’Argembeau, A., & Van der Linden, M. (2017, October). The influence of future thinking on prosocial behavior. Poster presented at the Workshop of Understanding Others-Integration of Social Cognitive and Affective Processes, Jena, Germany.

  • Cernadas Curotto, P., Vetois, M., Bogacz, F., & Klimecki, O. M. (2017, October). Factors that lead to conflict escalation and interventions that promote conflict resolution. Poster presented at the Open Day of United Nations, Geneva, Switzerland.