Research programs

Research in the Laboratory for the study of Emotion Elicitation and Expression investigates the cognitive mechanisms involved in the appraisal of relevant stimuli, and how these processes elicit emotions, and modulate perception, attention, learning, memory, and decision-making.

Currently, five major research programs are developed. These research programs aim at empirically investigating:
  • The nature and function of relevance detection in emotion elicitation
  • Appraisal-driven facial expression of emotion
  • Mechanisms underlying emotional attention
  • Mechanisms underlying emotional learning and memory
  • Emotional processing of olfactory stimuli
  • Bidirectional links between emotions and food intake

For more information concerning our research programs, please refer to our
Publications page or contact Prof. David Sander.

Research facilities

I. David Sander’s Lab research facilities (room 5125)
II. Brain and Behaviour Laboratory (BBL)
Campus biotech