ERHISE/ Research Team on Social History of Education led by Rita Hofstetter in close collaboration with Joëlle Droux, covers a variety of research areas in the history of the educational field. Including the history of educational systems and their relationship to the various societies and cultures in which they are rooted, the different research projects conducted by the team members also aim to vary the scale of observation of these phenomena.

The perspectives and terrains favored by the team deal with a variety of phenomena and places:

  • History of educational sciences and educational knowledge
  • Emergence of Public Education and of the teaching professions
  • Transformations of school curriculum subjects and school culture
  • History of the New Education movement and its networks
  • Contemporary policies of childhood and youth
  • Internationalisation of educational phenomena

Our investigations focus on several contexts - local, national, regional and international (Geneva, Switzerland, and significant sites in Europe and the world), coupling monographic approaches, comparative analysis and transnational perspectives.