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SNF Project : The International Bureau of Education, a laboratory of educational internationalism

"The International Bureau of Education (IBE): a laboratory of educational internationalism (1919-1952)", Project FNS supported by ERHISE and the AIJJR, under the direction of Rita Hofstetter, (applicant) & Joëlle Droux (co- applicant.)

This research aims to analyze the configurations of educational internationalism at the time of its institutionalization on a global scale. To do this, we examine the sites invested by stakeholders and map networks that contributed to its construction and development.

Based on ERHISE's previous work on educational internationalism, we demonstrate that the genesis of the institutionalization of "internationalism" in the field of education can be related to the first half of the 20th century, and more particularly to the inter-war period, breach of the League of Nations (LON, 1919-1946), the International Bureau of Education (IBE) is an emblematic example.

Founded in 1925 on the initiative of the Rousseau Institute to promote peace through science and education and federate the other international agencies that work there, the IBE became, in 1929, the first permanent intergovernmental organization in education. The temporal limits of this project are thus 1919-1952, to include, the premises of the IBE, and  its redefinition when the office becomes a technical agency of UNESCO, of which it constitutes a precursory organism.


Related theses : 

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