Team communications on conceptual development

Members of IDEA presented their work at the 39th annual meeting of the Cognitive Science Society which took place in London in July 2017. Read the articles in the conference proceedings:


-       The nature of quantities influences the representation of arithmetic problems: evidence from drawings and solving procedures in children and adults. Hippolyte Gros, Jean-Pierre Thibaut, Emmanuel Sander.

-       Solving additive word problems: Intuitive strategies make the difference. Katarina Gvozdic, Emmanuel Sander.

-       Challenging the superficial similarities superiority account for analogical retrieval. Lucas Raynal, Evelyne Clément, Emmanuel Sander.

-       Developing cognitive flexibility in solving arithmetic word problems. Calliste Scheibling-Sève, Emmanuel Sander, Elena Pasquinelli.

April 9, 2018