Police of Geneva collaboration


The aim of this project is to simulate realistic law enforcement scenarios based on professional expertise to optimize tactical decisions taken by the police officers on duty. Using VR technologies, police officers/candidates will be immersed into a virtual environment representing an existing location in Geneva. In the VR environment, two policemen will experience simultaneously a stressful scenario, based on actual events, while an instructor will control scenario’s modalities (actions of the virtual suspect, radio calls) as well as its surrounding environment (weather, crowd, cars).

During the training scenario, the instructor will have real-time feedback concerning the position and the posture of the persons immersed. After the simulation, the instructor will be able to access various data to evaluate officers’ performance during the simulation such as the usage of the law enforcement tools, eye gaze tracking information, tactical positions etc.



-          MMEF/UNIGE (Multimodal Modelling of Emotion & Feeling laboratory)

-          Etat de Genève/CFPS (Centre de formation de la police et des métiers de la sécurité)