Séolane Bouchoucha

PhD Candidate


emotion appraisal theory machine learning multimodal measurement decision making emotional regulation stress management tactical behavior use of force


Séolane Bouchoucha started a doctoral research (2018) at the lab for Multimodal Modelling of Emotion and Feeling, at the Swiss Center for Affective Sciences. Her research focuses on the study of emotion and stress regulation and how they interact with police officers’ decision making and use of force. 


The aim is to build an analytics tool which would be the groundwork to develop a program to train decision making in complex and stressful situations destined to police officers.


Virtual reality is used for the induction of emotion, immersion into different situations, analysis of inputs and machine learning methods for analyzing multimodal measurements.

Séolane studies Work and Organizational Psychology at the Neuchatel University (2014) and works actually as a psychologist at the Geneva Police. Her field of competency ranges from the teaching of applied psychology to recruitment and also emergency psychology, as part of the police forces of Geneva and the police school of Savatan.