Pauline Pellet

Dr Pauline Pellet-Langlais


022 379 82 58

Reasearch field interest

I’m speech therapist and I am interested in facilitative technics of words retrieval, especially to better understand phonological cueing in healthy and brain-damaged speakers. Indeed, phonological cueing is an often used method in aphasiology however only a little is known the electrophysiological correlates and dynamic of this treatment. EEG is method that I used to explore this field.


Master en logopédie, Université de Genève, 2010



Python, G., Pellet Cheneval, P., Laganaro, M. Evaluation rapide de la parole : screening de lecture, répétition et diadococinésies. Aphasie et domaines associés, in press.

Pellet Cheneval, P. & Laganaro, M. (2014, July). Bi-modal versus uni-modal phonological cueing in picture naming: Preliminary study with healthy speakers. Poster presented at the International workshop on language production, Geneva.

Pellet Cheneval, P., Python, G., & Laganaro, M. (2014, September). Outcome of computer-assisted treatment in a case of non-fluent primary progressive aphasia with apraxia of speech. Poster presented at the Science of aphasia congres, Venice.

Contextual Phonological Errors and Sandhi Phenomena as an Index of Ahead Phonological Planning in Aphasia, P. Pellet Cheneval, V. Michel Lange, G. Python, M. Laganaro. Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, Volume 94, 2013.

Single-word production in bilingual apraxia of speech (AOS). M. Overton Venet & P. Pellet-Langlais. 28ème congrès de l’ « International Assiociation of Logopedics and Phoniatrics », Athènes, 2010




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