Troubles du langage : évaluation et remédiation

Emily Stanford



With an academic background in linguistics, my main research interest is the cognitive reality of linguistic theory in atypically-developing populations. In particular, I examine various language structures and the computational mechanisms necessary to process them in order to better understand how generative grammar applies to different cognitive systems. My current research investigates the effects of working memory training on the syntactic capacities of children who have been diagnosed with specific language impairment. We hypothesize that training the working memory capacities of these children will result in observable knock-on effects on their syntactic capacities, and that this syntactic development will be especially noticeable for complex structures that necessitate a higher number of WM resources to be processed, such as structures containing movement or embedding. The results from this study will indicate whether an intensive WM training program facilitates the development of the essential processing resources needed to comprehend and produce complex syntactic structures in children with specific language impairment, findings which may be clinically relevant for this population.