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Peer-reviewed articles

Kulich, C., De Lemus, S., & Montañes Muro, P. (2020). The impact of sexism for leadership in female-male climbing dyads. Social Psychology Bulletin, 15(1). Preprint

Aelenei, C., Assilaméhou-Kunz, Y., Iacoviello, V., & Kulich, C. (in press). The political glass cliff: When left-wing orientation leads to minority candidates choices for hard-to-win seats. European Review of Applied Psychology. [All authors have contributed to the same extent and are thus named alphabetically.] Article

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Iacoviello, V., Lorenzi-Cioldi, F., & Kulich, C. (2018). I’ll emulate you... Only if you want to: The impact of ingroup norms and status on the identification-assimilation relationship. PLOS ONE, 13(4): e0195254. Article

Bosak, J., Kulich, C., Rudman, L. & Kinahan, M. (2018). Be an advocate for others, unless you are a man: Backlash against gender-atypical male job candidates. Psychology of Men & Masculinity, 19(1), 156-165. Article

Kulich, C., De Lemus, S., Kosakowska- Berezecka, N., & Lorenzi-Cioldi, F. (2017). Editorial for Research Topic: Multiple identities management: effects on (of) identification, attitudes, behaviour and well-being. Frontiers in Psychology. Article

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Ryan, M. K., Haslam, S. A., Hersby, M. D., Kulich, C., & Atkins, C. (2007). Opting out or pushed off the edge? The glass cliff and the precariousness of women’s leadership positions. Social and Personality Psychology Compass, 1(1), 266-269. Article

Book chapters and Encyclopedia contributions

Kulich, C., & Chipeaux, M. (2019). Gender inequality in financial resources (chapter, pp. 35-51). In K. Peters & J. Jetten (Eds.) The social psychology of inequality. Springer. Chapter /Preprint Open access

Kulich, C., & Bosak, J. (2019). The persistence of gender inequality in leadership: Still a long way to go? (chapter 10), pp. 139-152. In K. Gangl & E. Kirchler (Eds.) A research agenda for Economic Psychology. Edward Elgar Publishing. Chapter

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Kulich, C., El Sehity, T., & Kirchler, E. (2004). Lexikographische Analyse von freien Assoziationen – eine strukturelle Analyse sozialer Vorstellungen (Repräsentationen). PsyDok – Volltextserie der virtuellen Fachbibliothek Psychologie. Retrieved from pdf

Kulich, C. (2003). Assoziationstechniken - Erhebung von Sozialen Repräsentationen zum Schilling und zum Euro. Unpublished Diploma thesis (Msc): Universität Wien. (supervised by Prof. Erich Kirchler and Dr. Tarek El-sehity)

Working Papers and Chapters

Baranski, Sweeny, Members of the International Situations Project, & Funder, D. (article under review). International optimism: Correlates and consequences of dispositional optimism across 61 countries.

Gardiner, G., Lee, D. I., Baranski, E., Funder, D.C., & Members of the International Situations Project. (article under review). Happiness around the World: A Combined Etic-Emic Approach across 63 Countries.

Lee, D. I., Gardiner, G., Baranski, E., Members of the International Situations Project, & Funder, D. (article under review). Situational Experience around the World: A Replication and Extension in 62 Countries.

Kulich, C., Gartzia, L., Komarraju, M., Aelenei, C. (article under review). Contextualizing the Think Crisis-Think Female stereotype: Gender, gendered traits, and type of crisis.

Lorenzi-Cioldi, F., Iacoviello, V., & Kulich, C. (article under review). Assessing endorsement of ingroup norms through the estimation of behaviors’ frequency.

Moreno-Bella, E., Kulich, C., Willis, G. B., & Moya, M. (article under review). Wage inequality matters: Economic equality as facilitator of communion in others’ and self-ascriptions in social hierarchies.

Ofosu, N., Kulich, C., De Lemus, S., & Lorenzi-Cioldi. (unpublished manuscript). Women’s Leadership Aspirations: A Vulnerable Strategy to Confront Sexism in Female-Male Dyads.

Robinson, S., Kulich, C., Aelenei, M. C. & Iacoviello, V. (article under review). Party divergent fallout from gendered Glass Cliff candidacies in American State Legislative races (2011-2016).

Selected media coverage on our research

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Tribune de Genève,32 Courrier, 2018, June 16/17.6, "Quand le bateau coule, on appelle les femmes" (When the ship sinks, we call women) invited article written by Clara Kulich and Vincenzo Iacoviello., Swiss Economic Forum, 19.20, 2018, June 8 "Genug geklagt", Interview with Clara Kulich.

Radio SRF 4 News  / SFR News aktuell (Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen), 15.30, 2018, June 8, #sef18 - Swiss Economic Forum, "Wieso gibt es in der Schweiz so wenige Frauen in Führungspositionen?" (Why are there still so few women in leadership positions?), Interview-sequence with Clara Kulich.

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