Research domains

Learning and knowledge  

We are interested in the psychosocial dynamics of competence(s) acquisition. We take into consideration the competence of both target and source of influence, and the presence vs. absence of an identity threat.

Health prevention

We are interested in the psychosocial dynamics underlying the initiation and the change in health attitudes and behaviours, as tobacco consumption, cancer detection or suicide, as a function of perceived threat, identity stakes and the expert status of the source in health campaigns.

Prejudice and discrimination

Research concerns the effect of social norms, in particular the non-discrimination norm, on intergroup attitudes and behaviours. We mainly study xenophobia and homophobia.

Social justice

Studies examine the perceived legitimacy of collective aggressions and sanctions, in particular as a function of the democratic vs. authoritarian structure of the groups.

Sustainable behaviour

We investigate which factors influence sustainable behaviour; for instance, under what conditions a person persevere in its efforts or, conversely, "will drop."