Emotions are at the heart of human actions and shape both our individual beings and our societies in deep and lasting ways. These complex mental, physical and social phenomena have fascinated writers, painters and other artists, and have been the subject of many sophisticated experimental and conceptual studies.

This volume aims to bridge the gap between art and academia by taking an interdisciplinary approach. Emotions combines psychology, philosophy, literature, and neuroscience with photography which exemplifies perfectly how art is an ideal vehicle to both represent and elicit emotions.  

Contributions from experts and scholars in the different fields of the affective sciences are juxtaposed with photographic essays by contemporary photographers and a selection of images by masters of the art including Josef Koudelka, Robert Capa, Robert Doisneau and Henri Cartier-Bresson that convey ten fundamental human emotions: anger, joy, fear, disgust, surprise, sadness, love, envy, pride and wonder.

Emotions par David Sander et Nathalie Herschdorfer. Berne : Benteli Verlag, 2017. ISBN : 978-3-7165-1821-2

7 juin 2017