Giada Dirupo

  I completed my Bachelor in Psychology at the University of Genova with a dissertation on the methods of assessment of Executive Functions in pre-scholar aged children.

  This first experience in Cognitive Psychology motivated me to improve my knowledge in the field and to expand it to Neuroscience, so I decided to do a master in Neuropsychology and Experimental Psychology at the University of Pavia. I graduated with honors with a dissertation on the interaction between attention and working memory in the personal space.

  To improve my practical experience on research in neuroscience, after my master I joined the Department of Brain and Behavioral Science of the University of Pavia for a one-year internship. There, under the supervision of Professor Gabriella Bottini and Dr. Anna Sedda, I focused mainly on the neural circuits implicated in Facial Emotion Recognition and on the perception of peripersonal space and affordances in paraplegic patients. I explored these topics with experimental designs that included the use of neuromodulation thechniques such as tDCS and CVS.

  In October 2015 I joined the TOP Lab (University of Geneva) as PhD candidate, where I work under the supervision of Professor Corrado Corradi-Dell’Acqua. My thesis focuses on the recognition of pain in others. In particular, I am currently exploring the role that social and contextual cues may have in influencing the perception of pain in others. For this project, I am using behavioral, fMRI, and physiological techniques.

  More broadly, I am interested in what is the relationship between "high cognitive functions" and the perception of emotion (self and others') and also on the topic of the perception of our body and the space immediately surrounding it.